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Tcha's Devotions
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Daron Moore was born in Willingboro, New Jersey where he resided with his mother until the sixth grade. Daron split his time between mother and father for the next four years. Finally, when he reached tenth grade, he moved to New Castle, Delaware to live with his father.

It was Daron's older brother David that introduced him to hip-hop. David was rapping in the early eighties as a teenager in high school, while Daron was still in elementary school. Every chance he received Daron would join his brother listening to early rap pioneers on WBLS (when it came in clear).

Later Daron began his own journey into the road of hip-hop. He started building his own music collection by recording a weekly rap show in the Philadelphia area, Street Beat. By middle school Daron was freestyling with some of his friends.

In high school Daron began battling other rappers during lunch time cypha sessions and began developing a name for himself. It was during these final years in high school that Daron began to develop a true relationship with God. He began attending a local community church with some of his friends. It was here that Daron began to realize his call to the ministry. Soon he began teaching Sunday School and preaching on several occasions. During this time he still embraced secular music.

For college Daron decided to move from Delaware to attend Norfolk State University. During this time he stayed with his Aunt who served as a great spiritual influence in his life. It was his Aunt Eileen who caused him to understand that if he wanted a successful walk with God, he would have to listen to music that would "bless his soul". He soon threw away his entire collection of hip-hop tapes.

Soon Daron began freestyling again, but this time it was not to battle, but to Glorify God. One his coworkers asked him to enter a talent show at her church, and thus he wrote his first complete rap for God, "Special Delivery".

Not wanting to depend upon anyone else for beats, Daron learned how to produce his own music. He then ventured out with one purpose in mind, to evangelize the youth, using the tool of Hip Hop. Towards that end "the tcha" has ministered in many different locations, including various outreach events, churches, youth detention centers, and his own high school, where he is employed as a physics teacher.

Daron loves teaching teenagers because it gives him an opportunity to reach out and give something back to the Portsmouth community. As a teacher, Daron realizes that today's hip hop culture is plagued by negative imagery with perverted sexual references, violent Gangsta role models, and an unrestrained indulgence in drugs, alcohol, and worship of the superstar lifestyle. His goal is to reform the thought process of today's youth through positive lyrics that compel them to listen, think, and change their paradigm. The current trends of violence within our communities have caused our kids to become like prisoners of war. "the tcha" seeks to help rescue these individuals, through innovative forms of hip hop. He desires to encourage young people through motivational lyrics and offer a positive yet interactive alternative to violent and sexually explicit music.

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