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Tcha's Devotions
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The Tcha's Devotions

The Tcha's Journal- September 12, 2006

Col 2:16-23 Spiritual Bullies

In this passage Paul warns the church of Colosse to beware of Judaizing teachers. The Judaizing teachers wanted to impose the ceremonial laws of Judaism upon the Gentile converts of Colosse. The Judaizers wanted the Colossians to follow every letter of the ceremonial law, including meals dates etc. Paul however realized that the only doctrine or teaching the Colossians needed to worry about was the Gospel of Christ. That's the only truth that can save or condemn you.

In the same manner you should not let anyone bully you spiritually. In other words, donít let people intimidate you and place on you unnecessary restrictions concerning your diet, your appearance (as long as it doesnít cause anyone to stumble), or some non-foundational doctrine such as- you have to have and covet after supernatural spiritual gifts.

As young Christians, many of u us are subject to this by "more mature" Christians. Many of them, (just like bullies), over assert themselves and superimpose their expectations on you- but they canít meet them themselves. Or their beliefs are based solely on tradition-not Biblical facts.

For example: many people may bully you because:
1. You have dreadlocks or some other hairstyle.
2. You only wear baggy jeans and oversized clothes to church (even though thatís all you have)
3. You prefer listening to Gospel Rap, and Christian Rock rather than listening to the traditional hymns
4. You don't speak in tongues, or have visions, or because you don't prophesy.

Don't let anyone deceive you! Just follow Christ and obey His word and His spirit!

The Tcha's Journal- September 11, 2006

Come and join me on a journey. We're going to read the Bible, and meditate about how it can impact our lives.

This morning I was reading Col 2:13-15 and this was the revelation that God gave me concerning it. (If you haven't already, please read vs 1-13 so you can have an understanding of what Paul already said up to now) in vs 13 it says that
1. Christ made us alive with Him
2. He Forgave us of our sins
3. He erased the written charges of the Law- (the huge record of our spiritual violations)

He did all that, when He died on the cross and then was resurrected. Wow! Picture your local sheriff knocking on your door and serving you with an arrest warrant for numerous violations of the law. You're about to get into the back of the police cruiser, and Jesus just interrupts and says, I'm sorry, but you can't take (insert your name here) with your officer. I'm taking the responsibility for their warrant. Now here He is, with your warrant in hand, and nails it to the cross with Him! Isn't that awesome! He served our warrant for us!

Now look at verse 15, where it says He disarmed principalities and powers. That can include the entire gambit of rulers, authorities, and the villainous superworld of Demons. Guess what, He took all their weapons and authority, and left them powerless. That's like our superhero Jesus, shooting them all with an eternal freeze ray, then in a flashing sweep, taking all of their weapons. And then guess what- He whooped them! I mean He creamed them so bad that people are still talking about it. Can you imagine that in a D.C. comic. (You know, the domination of Christ series!)

That's all for now folks!

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